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DribbleStop 1002




Product Code: 1002 Dribblestop Kit(2 Clamps)
Pack Size 2 Clamps
Availability: In Stock

When you are assisting a male patient with their urology issues or pelvic floor strengthening, and are looking for a urinary incontinence solution other than incontinence pads or pants, you should consider whether Dribblestop might be a solution. Many men experience partial loss of bladder control or continuous bladder leakage. For some men this may occur after a prostate operation such as a radical prostatectomy or transurethral prostaectomy (TURP). A male urinary incontinence clamp is an effective method of controlling male urinary incontinence. 

A male urinary incontinence clamp is worn behind the head of the penis and provides enough gentle pressure to the Urethra to prevent the flow of urine. 

It provides a simple discrete and convenient way of controlling bladder leakage. It is important that a patient is assessed by a health professional to determine what would be the best and most effective treatment and IFU's accompany the device and are also available upon request from Sayco.

Once opened medical devices cannot be returned so it is good to make sure you have chosen the right treatment option before use.

Dribblestop is a penile clamp designed for use with people who have no bladder control. It is sold as a kit of 2.  You alternate the clamps each day and wash with mild soapy water, no harsh cleaners.

The Dribblestop® is the perfect clamp, as it includes all of the following necessary requirements of a proven effective incontinence clamp:

  • small and discrete,
  • washable and reusable,
  • cost effective
  • comfortable, sculpted design and shape,
  • size adjustable – each clamp adjusts from small to large,
  • safe & easy to use - put it on and forget about it,
  • no metal parts allowing hassle free travel though airport security,
  • designed for 24- hour protection; can be safely worn all day and all night without impeding blood circulation, although if you have no issue at night you can leave it off
  • simple, proven safe construction materials (e.g. non- absorbent foam padding rather than latex).
Product Code: 1002
Pack Size Pack of 2
Availability: In Stock

When you are assisting your patient with their gynaecological and urological issues and bladder and bowel continence, we understand there may be other products you use along with pessaries.

As we receive requests for products that may be relevant from the Sayco range we will add them if appropriate.