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Revital-OX Resert 4 Litre ST-4455AW-1



Revital-OX Resert is a High Level Disinfectant for reproscessing reusable medical devices such as Pessary fitting sets and an alternative to the Ortho-Phthalaldehyde solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: Revitalox Resert requires the use of Resert Test Strips (60 strips per bottle) to ensure a correct High Level Disinfectant procedure is followed (SOLD SEPERATELY)

Revital-OX Resert is viricidal and bactericidal.

The Revital-OX Resert solution can be Used for up to 21 Days at 20 degrees celcius. This is provided that the active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, is present at a concentration of 1.5% during this period as tested by the chemcial reagant indicators. Purchase of the Resert chemical test strip indicators (ST-PCC-054) is required to ensure this process is done in accordance with your clinics HLD procedures and Revital-OX resert instructions for Use.

Leaves no toxic redue on processed devices and is a one rinse process after immersion.

Reviatal-OX resert is formulated with biodegradable ingredients and requires no extra ventilation under normal use conidtions.

Revital-OX Resert is compatible with reprocessing Pessary Fitting sets that are made of Silicone material. Profem Fitting Sets are made of silicone.

Please read the instructions for use carefully prior to use.







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Revital-Ox resert is a High Level Disinfectants used to reprocess reusable medical devices when sterilisation ia not an option.

RevitalOx 2 x enzymatic cleaner is used to clean a medical device before High Level Disinfectant

RevitalOx Resert ChemStrips are used to test the effectiveness of the HLD solution.