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Ring with Support Fitting Set FS6000 (Ring with Support)



The Fitting Sets are a validated procedure kit to assess the correct size and type of pessary for a patient.They are validated for a 150 re-uses and come

Product Code: FS6000 (Ring with Support)
Pack Size Box of 6
Availability: In Stock
Product Info
Description The pessary fitting set is a procedure kit used to work out correct pessary size for a patient. The pessaries from these kits are not to be prescribed or sold to a patient.
Instructions Each pessary fitting set comes Instructions for use which includes cleaning and sterlisation instructions. After correct size is established patient purchase or are prescribed the Profem white pessary of the same type and size.


The blue pessaries are part of a procedure kit and to be used for sizing only. They should remain within the clinic and the instructions for use should be followed.