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RevitalOx 2 x Enzymatic Detergent 4 Litre ST-2D97AWAU-1



Revital-OX 2x Enzymatic detergent  is an enzymatic cleaner for cleaning reusable medical devices prior to high level disinfection, such as Pessary fitting sets.

Revital-OX 2 x concentrate enzymatic detergent requires 4ml per litre of water so the 4 iltre bottle will give you a significant amount of washes. The warmer the water the more active the enzymatic cleaner becomes.

Revital-Ox 2X Concentrate Enzymatic Detergent is a low foaming, neutral pH, free rinsing and biodegradable enzymatic presoak and cleaner.

Revital-Ox 2X Concentrate Enzymatic Detergent is for use on flexible fiber/optic endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, biopsy forceps, manual resuscitators and surgical instruments where blood, protein, mucous and lipids form hard to remove soils, or where mechanical scrubbing is impractical. It is also recommended for use in automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs).

Revital-Ox 2X Concentrate Enzymatic Detergent is compatible with stainless steel, elastomers, plastics and soft metals including aluminium


Product Code: ST-2D97AWAU-1
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Revital-Ox resert is a High Level Disinfectants used to reprocess reusable medical devices when sterilisation ia not an option.

RevitalOx 2 x enzymatic cleaner is used to clean a medical device before High Level Disinfectant

RevitalOx Resert ChemStrips are used to test the effectiveness of the HLD solution.