SOFT Stem (limited sizes)

Indication The Soft Stem Gellhorn Pessary with drains is used to relieve the symptoms of cystocele or rectocele as well as a second or third degree uterine prolapse. The collapsible soft stem is to assist in a more comfortable fit and the mushroom shaped know will assist in remova. The shorter stem is specifically for someone with a shorter vaginal vault.
Insertion This Gellhorn pessary had a stem with knob that collapses easily to facilitate easy insertion. Collapse the stem to the pessary base, facing forwards towards you, and insert the base vertically into the vagina. Push into the required position.
Removal Use a finger to break the suction of the Gellhorn base. Once you have done done this gradually work the base of the Gellhorn to the introitus for removal. The stem will fold to assist in removal. Some clincians use a sponge forceps to grip the stem to assist in removal. 

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